Friday, February 18, 2011

Youtube and the Internet

So I made a Youtube account (compscialien), and as of now there isn't anything uploaded, but I thought I'd set it  up in preparation of the VCU and GCC competitions.  I probably won't have pictures of videos of the happenings during the competition itself, considering I'll be competiting, but I'll record setting up and cleaning up, possibly.  And take some pictures.  I have a 2nd 2GB SD Card for this, so I hope to get a lot.

Also, I have the perfect idea for my first commercial game on the Android platform (2.2 or greater).  I won't spoil it here, until later, but know it's got gesture-based controls, so if you don't have a touch screen (What Android phone doesn't?) then you can't play.  Or at least at first.  I may go back and add trackball and keyboard support, but it probably won't come out at good as the gesture controls.


  1. boom. bang. burr.

  2. In the unfortunate case you run out of space, I've got a 4GB you could use. (Or we could just use mine. Either or)