Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Programming is fun!

It really is.  Yet, I have to agree with my teacher, it's difficult as times, and not everyone is suited to be a programmer.  Some people take the class in high school, hoping for an easy A their junior years, not realizing that when senior year rolls around with the real work, from binary trees to graphics theory, that their easy A from junior year will be an easy F.  I wish the best of luck for those who are serious about the work, but you won't need it, as the class will be much easier for you.

There is a difference between a lazy programmer, and a programmer who is lazy.   A lazy programming may come up with code like so:


Whereas a programmer who is lazy will create:

//TODO: Math stuffs here

So keep that in mind when you meet these lazy juniors.

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  1. With any luck, they'll have matured ALOT by next year. No more "multiple-halo-copies-on-desktop" stupidity.

    And if they haven't, then it'll be fun watching Mr. C blow his top. :)