Sunday, February 13, 2011

Help: Permission Denied

While working on an Android emulator, I found a terminal app in the Dev Tools package.  "Nice," I thought to myself.  I found it has a few of the basic functions I needed, but I had forgotten the syntax of a shell command.  Tried to run "help" and got a very helpful reply: "help: Permission Denied".  So according to Google, I don't have permission for help?  That's always good news.  Meanwhile, development with Android is still pretty exciting.  I've been playing with the ends and outs and I must say, I am impressed.  There's enough documentation to figure everything out, and man, is there a lot to figure out.  I only wish the emulator ran a little faster, I don't enjoy running everything on my phone.  And I have Internet at my house again, which is pretty exciting.  And it's also why this post didn't end up there somewhere.  Like after the punchline.  Which I hope everyone understood.  Now on to the news.

Since 2010, at least 12 lawsuits have been started because of the Android Operating System.  I won't go into detail about each one, as Mueller listed them already.  All I can say is wow.  Each one of those lawsuits could potentially get rid of my phone.  Or almost all of them.  Oh, but wait!  Mueller (as previously linked to) has been called out for his "analysis" of Android sources and coming to a verdict that Google copied them from Oracle, which is the topic of one of those lawsuits.  ZDnet goes over the files in question and explains why they were the way they were.  It's a mystery to which side the courts will take.  Also of note, in the ZDnet article, the two authors argue their sides.  It's an interesting read, if you have the time for it; it reads like a formal dinner party-dressed flame war, with other readers jumping in and out of the argument.

Microsoft, where are the promises of a truly new and interactive game medium?  Kinect, while being a fun device, it hasn't yet reached its potential.  I constantly see great ideas passed around on Indie game development web sites, yet I still sit though games like "EA Sports Active 2" and "Zumba Fitness".  Where are the stellar games that show us its innovativeness, such as "Dance Central" and "Forza Motorsports 4"?  If Microsoft was to open game development for Kinect to Indies, perhaps through its XNA system, we could finally get those innovative games we have been waiting for?  XNA has been kinda dumped off by Microsoft as well, with the forums even replaced by Windows Phone 7 development.  This is sad, considering some of the amazing games that came out of the Indie Games.

And completely non-sequitur, does anyone have any good chicken recipes?  If you do, I'd love to hear some of them.


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