Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oooh, Android

So my next Android-based project is going to be a Go game.  It will be composed of two main objects, one for the main menu, and one for the game board.  There will be a custom android.view.View that the game board will use to draw everything on the screen.  The game board will also utilize one of three java.lang.Thread objects, a Bluetooth multi-player thread, a local AI thread, or a "pass the phone" multi-player thread.  There will also be a java.lang.Thread for the game board piece checking.  All with threading, there requires synchronization, with will probably be handled using a java.util.concurrent.locks.Lock object to lock the game board while checking, to avoid exceptions.  Pretty simple, aye?  Not as much as this short post makes it seem, sadly.  But it doesn't matter.  This will be fun.

So this will be what I'll be working on for a while, with the occasional update here.  Maybe when it's done, I release the source code, just as I am planning to do with the TicTacToe game I built for android.

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