Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just a list and a shout-out with your news.

Sadly, I don't have much to say today.  I have a little bit of news, but some of it may be old, and I have a shout-out to a web hosting company that recently started.  So to being I'll just list some Android apps I enjoy using:
  1. Angry Birds - A very enjoyable game, where you launch birds towards green evil pigs.  Sounds strange, but you should give it a chance.  There is an iPod version, too, for you iOS people.
  2. Abduction - Another game, where you play as a cow jumping up platforms to reach the UFO.  You tilt the screen to make the cow jump side to side, and is very responsive.
  3. Where - A very helpful app.  Need to find the closest restaurant; you're covered.  Need a gas station; it'll tell you where.  Great if you are on the go a lot.
  4. Weather Channel - It's always nice to know the weather.
  5. Ringdroid - Let's you splice music saved on your phone to create ringtones, sound clips, and replace that annoying "Facebook Pop"
So this is just a sample of the apps I use often.  Not that fancy of a list, but a list nonetheless.  Oh yeah, and it's official: Facebook is visited more often than Google is.  Insane, I know.  Sources are nice.  This could be the shift in the internet that everyone was predicting, as it becomes less of an information medium, and more of a social networking system.  Just look at the internet technologies that came out in the last few years, such as Skype and Facebook.

In other news, Google has added nodes on its Google Map service so users can look for patterns in the recent mass animal deaths locations.  You can see the map here.  It's actually quite interesting to look at.  So what are the public's opinion of the deaths?  I've heard everything, from 2012 to biochemical weapons to a new bacteria in the wild.

And before I go for the night, as it's 11:00 PM here, I would like to throw a shout-out to a company that is up and coming, and offers wonderful services for much less than other competitors.  ChemicalServers offer cheap web hosting, with support for many types of hosting, from blogs to forums to game servers.  And when you sign up and purchase one of their service plans, they will help you set up whatever you are trying to set up.  They are also lenient with pricing and hosting size, so if you want some adjustments, you can contact them and work out a custom plan.  And no, I'm not being paid or otherwise compensated for this shout-out, it's just for the good will of wanting great businesses to be successful.

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