Monday, January 10, 2011

An API Analysis

So, I finished setting up the Android SDK on my home computer.  Definitely took a while, but once I got through the core components, and the issue with Eclipse, it is quite easy.  I must say, first impressions of the ASDK are good.  I like the style of the code I've seen so far.  Clean and easy to read, unlike many other Java and C++ APIs I've used.

Yet, to be fair, the new DirectX 11 API is nice, too.  Definitely a step up from DirectX 10.  Eleven is what 10 was supposed to be, I would suppose.  Ten was riddled with too many abstractions for its own good.  But to those who hate reading documentation, I'm sorry, but that's really the only way to learn the API right now, as no good tutorials have been written yet.

So we have Java, C++, so now it's time for a C API: X11R6.  I went there.  That is one monolithic library that spells doom for unprepared programmers.  The "Introduction Manual" is over a thousand pages long.  So you can have fun with that.  I use Linux all the time, however, so I am thankful that there are programmers who can dedicate themselves to reading all of the manuals and API documentation to make those great GUI systems, such as GNOME and KDE.  Tausend Dank!  Truely, so.

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