Sunday, January 9, 2011

And so our story begins...

With some cookie points for who can name that quote!

Well, I've done it, I've started a blog much to my own dismay.  Yet, I am somewhat happy, too.  I have a chance to pass on the news of the "Geek World" to the masses.  If I become famous, which I probably won't.  But to no matter!  I will open this blog with not a random jumble of words, but with a nice introduction to myself and my goals.

I am a high school senior, preparing for a major in computer science.  I enjoy programming in multiple languages, and the puzzles that they create, or rather, that they solve after much thought.  I have started this blog at the advice of my programming teacher, as he stated it would be good for me and give me an outlet to ramble about how awesome the world of computer science and programming are.  To that end, this blog is really about me connecting and sharing my adventures with exactly this world.  Thus the name, "The Adventures of a Computer Science Alien."


  1. Only C could make you start a blog.

  2. Starting a blog wasn't the hard part. Coming up with a subject and posting with relevant news as often as possible is the hard part.