Monday, March 7, 2011

Post-GCC, Preparing for VCU, and my app's progress

The annual Great Computer Challenge at Old Dominion University was a blast to participate in.  The competition was much better than last year.  My team of four got third of three in the Java category, but apparently, according to the judge I asked after the end, all three teams were within two to three points of each other, out of 100 points available.  Talk about close!

The Virginia Commonwealth University competition is next, and I'm expecting just as stiff competition there, if not stiffer.  But that's okay, it's less GUI (oh how I despise you, Java layouts) and more logic.  So, I'm excited.  It would be great to get another award!

And my game, FreeRunners, is still being produced.  A lot of the basic logic is falling into place, so I may have a simple demo set up soon, so those with the SDK could install a pre-compiled .apk to play it on their phones and tablets.  I bet you all would be excited for that!  Or at least, as excited as possible without it being on the market.  Though I do plan on making a single-level, free demo on the market when it is polished nicely.  And of course, the full game for US$0.99 with free future updates, whether they be levels, compatibly (such as full xlarge resolution support for tablet users), or security patches.

To go further than the title, once more, Amazon has been furthering its own Market, to compete with AppBrain, GetJar, and of course, the power-house Android Market.  Amazon recently announced its rather strict security system on its twitter, and it make drive away many developers from their service.  And many purchasers.  And wait, there's more!  If you sign on as a developer for the first year, you're given a trial period to use the service for free, before the US$99/yr fee is added.  I'm still waiting to see how this fourth major market will play out.